NOX Training - Riverside CA

NOX Training
NOX Training is a place for anyone that is willing to work hard to achieve their health and fitness goals. We have members starting at age 8 and some members in their 60s. From mothers and fathers to elite athletes training for competition/game day; we all put in hard work to achieve our goals.

-Sport Specific Training
-Personal Training
-General Health and Fitness
-Anything in between.

Facebook: NoX Training 
Instagram: @noxtraining
Phone: 951-236-3345 (text message ok)

Location: 2023 Chicago Ave Suite B-23 Riverside 92506
Riverside CA 92507

Whether you are training for a triathlon, football, basketball, personal health and fitness, or Weightlifting, NoX Training is the place to train.

Coach Michael Hernandez
CF Level 1 Cert

19+ years Track and Field Experience
  -Hurdles, Jumps, Sprints, Distance, Throws, Relays, Decathlon
Olympic WeightLifting
Power Lifting
Strength and Conditioning
5 Years Football Experience


2023 Chicago Ave Suite B-23
Riverside CA 92507