Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Shaping your mind - Summer pt 3 [2017]

"Your mind will take the shape of what you frequently hold in thought, for the human spirit is colored by such impressions."

If you bend your body into a sitting position every day for a long enough period of time, the curvature of your spine changes. A doctor can tell from a rediograph (or an autopsy) whether someone sat at a desk for a living. If you shove your feet into tiny, narrow dress shoes every day, your feet begin to take on that form as well.
The same is true for our mind. If you hold a perpetually negative outlook, soon enough everything you encounter will seem negative. Close it off and you'll become closed-minded. Color it with the wrong thoughts and your life will be dyed the same. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Summer pt. 2

Which mindset do you have? Every single thing that happens in life can be looked at differently based on which mindset you have. Challenges are either looked as an opportunity to grow (growth mindset), or as things that just get in the way of your progress (fixed mindset). The most successful people in the world fall into a growth mindset. They understand that these challenges allow them to grow, so not only do they accept these challenges, they beg for them. Good news is, if you are in the fixed mindset, that it can be changed; But first you must know where you stand.